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Hacker Launched A DDOS Competition to lay down Political Websites

A Turkish hacker who is known on-line as Mehmet has released a DDoS opposition that invitations members to take down political websites and then be rewarded for their achievements.

Safety corporation Forcepoint located what they called the “gamification” of DDoS assaults. Announcing that every participant within the contest receives get admission to to a tool known as “Balyoz” (the Turkish phrase for Sledgehammer), whose motive is to permit them to launch DDoS assaults in opposition to select websites from just a single system.

Attackers are then rewarded for their achievements and the longer they run the DDoS software, the greater factors they get, the security firm explains.

“For each ten minutes spent attacking this kind of web sites, customers obtain factors that may be traded in for rewards, along with a stand-on my own model of the Sledgehammer DDoS device and ‘click-fraud’ bots used to generate revenue on pay-to-click (percent) sites. There is even a stay scoreboard so contributors can see their factor rank,” Forcepoint explains.
Although this competition is typically aimed at political websites, consisting of right here Angela Merkel’s German Christian Democratic birthday party. The humans’s Democratic celebration of Turkey, the Armenian Genocide Archive and the Kurdistan workers celebration (PKK), participants can also provide you with their own proposals ought to they want to take down a unique internet site.

What’s interesting is that the backdoor device that attackers get hold of is infected with a backdoor which most effective activates as soon as the user collaborating is out of the opposition.

“The backdoor is a very small trojan and its sole reason is to down load, extract and execute any other .net meeting from inside a bitmap photo. It also downloads a secondary ‘defend’ factor which it installs as a service. This ‘shield’ element ensures that if the backdoor is deleted then it will likely be re-downloaded and additionally installed as a carrier,” the safety firm notes.
basically, the Turkish hacker is making an attempt to compromise the computer systems of the alternative hackers in an try and shape his personal botnet that could in the end be used for launching big-scale DDoS assaults.

It’s now not but clear how many assaults individuals within the contest already released and if any website become impacted, however Forcepoint says it’ll keep to display the interest of the hackers and could report again with extra updates.

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