Cyber Attack


ANONSEC Group hackers Cracked NASA Drone and Released Data Dump

Hackers cracked National Aeronautics and Space Administration drone and free information dump . They additionally disclosed they tried to bring down a $222m world Hawk Drone into the Pacific. beside many flight videos and thousands of flight logs. the info dump enclosed phone numbers and email addresses for two,414 National Aeronautics and Space Administration workers. likewise as a self-published paper from the cluster. Explaining the intensive technical vulnerabilities that the hackers were able to breach.

Access was created easier by poor watchword security. during a scan for accounts victimisation the login and watchword “root,” the primary positive hit came up inside zero.32 seconds. Linking these enabled them to make a network map of National Aeronautics and Space Administration subsystems. By this AnonSec managed to infiltrate the networks at the John Glenn center, Robert Hutchings Goddard area Flight Center and dramatist Flight center. They were able to gain full root access to 3 network-attached storage (NAS) devices that were collection back-ups of craft flight logs.

Over many months, the hackers continued to map Nasa’s internal network. Discovering details to a good vary of public and personal missions, airbases and craft. This as well as info and video footage with reference to the world Hawk drones. The Operation Ice Bridge polar ice analysis mission in 2012 and 2013, in keeping with ibtimes. As AnonSec promptly admitted, no world Hawk crashed into the Pacific. nasad Space Administration|NASA|independent agency} took over manual management of the drone once officers completed it had gone on an odd course.


Several members were in disagreement on this because if it worked. We would be labelled terrorists for possibly crashing a $222.7m US drone… but we continued anyways lol.

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