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Apex Legend players banned for winning via DDoS attacks

Gaming studio Respawn has banned two Apex Legend players for winning via DDoS attacks which caused connectivity issues for other players.

Respawn Entertainment, LLC, an American video game development studio has banned two Apex Legends players on the Xbox One version of the game for illegally winning ranked matches. Reportedly, the pair was caught DDoS-ing a server in order to win the game. 

Videos Spilled the Beans

In the two videos that appeared on Reddit, a top-ranking Apex Legend player was knocked down, and at the same time, the server crashed. When the legit players reconnected to the server, they were knocked down while another duo was standing over them.

Reddit post shows the moment the culprits started DDoSing the game.

The 4th and 6th rankers, who had a high placement in Ranked mode, have been accused of carrying out DDoS attacks to secure an easy win after they started losing the game. In the same thread on Reddit, security analyst Conor Ford confirmed that the two players had been banned. His statement read:

“Undeniable proof that the #4 and #6 Xbox Preds are DDoSing servers after we knock them. I’m posting on Twitter for more attention but please help get this traction – Console Ranked is literally unplayable with 5 of every 6 games being DDoSed in Pred lobbies.”

Watch the video below:

I have undeniable proof the #4 and #6 predators on Xbox are DDoSing lobbies for easy wins. Please help me signal boost this so hideouts can do something from r/apexlegends

Cheating- a Growing Cause of Concern on Multiplayer Games

The cheating epidemic plagues online multiplayer games as it has emerged as a recurring problem. For instance, Activision issued multiple bans to eliminate cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone, and now Apex Legends had to remove players to keep the game transparent.

Since the banned players are fourth and sixth rankers in this incident, this probably means they achieved this high rank with cheating in the past. Apex Legends’ console versions have been affected by this cheating spree, and Respawn is aware of this.

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