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China’s Huawei to Invest in Iran

When Western companies were asked to quit their operation from Iran, Huawei, Chinese telecommunication giant decided to help Iran in installing surveillance equipment.

After this installation, the Iranian government will be able to spy on its own people by tracking their locations via mobile phone.

MTN Irancell Telecommunications Services and Huawei signed a contract last month, according to the Wall Street Journal.

An independent agency by the name of United against Nuclear Iran (UANI), has criticized China’s decision to assist Iran in tracking down its people. UANI has requested China to shut down its operation in Iran.

Huawei at another hand has denied the rumors that Huawei will assist Iran in installing such equipment and tracking. Huawei’s spokesman in an email said ” We are doing what we do around the world, ”Huawei doesn’t provide “any services relating to monitoring or filtering technologies and equipment anywhere in the world,” Huawei’s work in Iran is no different than our work in any other market and we are only involved in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of telecommunications equipment that is for commercial and civilian use in Iran and other markets in which we operate”.

Media has been reporting an increase in human right violations in Iran and China which poses a serious threat to their policies, especially China. Both of the countries should come out clean from the ongoing rumors.

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