Data Breach

T-Mobile Hacked – Attackers Stolen 2 Million Customers Sensitive Data

American Telecom giant T-Mobile suffering Massive data breach and hackers stolen around 2 million customers sensitive data.

T-Mobile is one of the best United States-based wireless network operator that provides wireless voice and data services in the United States.

A cybersecurity Team from T-Mobile learned that an unauthorized access on their network and they have shut down an uncovered data unit.

Hackers have stolen some of the sensitive information including the name, billing zip code, phone number, email address, account number, and account type of users.

T-Mobile reported that None of the customer’s financial data (including credit card information) or social security numbers were involved, and no passwords were compromised.

2 Millions of T-Millions customers are around  3 percent of T-Mobile’s 77 million customers may have been affected in this data breach.

The spokesperson from T-Mobile Said that the “incident” happened “early in the morning on Aug. 20,” when hackers part of “an international group” accessed company servers through an API that “didn’t contain any financial data or other very sensitive data.”

The company wrote in the announcement that “all affected customers have been, or shortly will be, notified.

If you don’t receive a notification then that means your account was not among those impacted by this incident.” T-Mobile also requested customers to contact customer service through 611 if they were concerned.

“T-Mobile customer also use two-way messaging on, the T-Mobile App, or iMessage through Apple Business Chat.”

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