Data Breach

Thousands of US Voters Personal Data Leaked Online Again

Thousands of US voters personal details exposed online again form misconfigured Amazon S3 bucket and the data appears to be a part of Robocent, a Virginia-based political campaign, and robocalling company.

Security researchers from Kromtech spotted the publically exposed Robocent cloud storage that contains 2594 listed files and opens for anyone to download. The exposed storage contains audio files, with pre-recorded political messages for robocalls dials and voter data.

Bob Diachenko, head of communications at Kromtech Security said: “It’s not known how long the data was left exposed, but it is long enough for tools like GrayHatWarfare to index and list it.”

The exposed data contains personal data including Full Name, Phone numbers, Address, Political affiliation, Age and birth year, Gender, Jurisdiction breakdown and Demographics based on ethnicity, language, education.

As soon as Diachenko identified the open bucket he sent the disclosure to the owner of repository and Bucket and files has been secured quickly.

Cloud Storage leaks are common nowadays, California Voter Database Leaked last February puts 19 Million Voters Records Under Risk. The Robocent voter database Leak is the fifth major breach in last two years.

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