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Razer software bug lets anyone gain admin rights on Windows PC

A cybersecurity researcher has discovered a vulnerability in Razer Synapse software that lets anyone possessing Razer peripherals obtain administration rights on a Windows PC

Razer Synapse is a software that allows users to configure Windows hardware devices, set up macros and Chrome lighting effects, and map buttons. The company is a leader development of gaming accessories including laptops, keyboards, mouse, therefore, it is surprising that a vulnerability allowing admin rights by plugging in a keyboard, dongle, or mouse still exists.

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The researcher who goes by the Twitter handle of @j0nh4t disclosed the vulnerability and reported it to the software vendor. When the company didn’t give a favorable response, @j0nh4t decided to disclose its details on Twitter.

Bug Can Be Exploited with a $20 Mouse

For your information, in Windows 10, RazerInstaller is downloaded and executed as SYSTEM that grants full privileges. Anyone can open PowerShell with a keyboard shortcut and do just about anything on the computer using the elevated Explorer.

But, the catch is that you must have physical access to the computer to plug in a Razer peripheral since the bug cannot be remotely exploited. It is an LPE (local privilege escalation) vulnerability. This means you must have a Razer device and access to the targeted computer. This can be done with a $20 Razer mouse. 

How does It work?

When a Razer device is plugged in, Windows Update will download/install Razer Synapse. Since Windows Update installs it, it will be run as a SYSTEM user, a highly trusted user group with admin rights. The installer will ask the user to select a director where Synapse will be stored and open a File Explorer window during the installation process. 

Since a SYSTEM user is running it, they can press the Shift key and right-click on an empty space to open a PowerShell window with administrator privileges. SYSTEM privileges are the highest level of user rights in Windows and let users perform any OS command.

If a user gains Windows’ SYSTEM privileges, they will get complete control over the machine and install any software, including malware. If you chose to save the Razer Synapse file on a user-controlled folder like Documents or Desktop, any of the files stored on the folder can be hijacked and let an attacker gain persistence as device admin.

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