5 Free Best Internet Speed Test Websites

There are over 4.39 billion people currently using the Internet worldwide. Like online laws and regulations; Internet speed also varies from country to country. Your Internet service provider (ISP) may claim to provide the fastest Internet service in town but reality can be far from the truth and that’s where Internet speed test websites come in handy.

There are tons of websites currently letting users check their Internet speed but only a few show accurate and authentic results. For your ease, we have completed a list of 5 of the best Internet speed test websites.

1: Speedcheck

Speedcheck has been around for a couple of years. As the name indicates, the website allows users to test their Internet’s speed by simply clicking on the “Start Test” tab. Upon testing, results displayed by Speedcheck includes your Internet’s speed (download and upload), and who is your ISP.

You can also create an account on the site to save your test results in the cloud. Furthermore, Speedcheck has introduced “The Ultimate Guide” with valuable information educating users about how Internet speed test works, how your modem and router affect your Internet speed and how you can troubleshoot your Internet connection.

You can access Speedcheck at


Fast is also one of the most visited Internet speed test websites. It is powered by Netflix and automatically tests your Internet speed upon visiting the website.

3: Test My Internet

Test My Internet is one of those Internet speed test websites which lets users carry out three types of tests. 1: Download speed, 2: Upload speed and 3: Automatic speed. Chose any of them and check what your ISP’s claims are really about. You can also visit the discussion forum on the website where users solve Internet connection related issues.

Test My Internet’s home page

4: Broadband Test

Powered by Which, Broadband Test is one of the most popular Internet speed test websites in the United Kingdom. The website also lets users compare their Internet speed with your neighbors however it requires them to provide their name, email address, ISP name, and postcode to the company which is no bueno.

5: Internet Health Test

Internet Health Test conducts Internet speed test in 5 steps. The first step checks for the closest server and then displays download speed while in the second step the website displays download speed.

It further runs a few short speed tests to several measurement servers on different networks to compare how your broadband connection performance varies to different parts of the Internet. However, the whole press is very slow.


Although platforms like Speedcheck and others work on to provide authentic results, online security is also essential and when your device is connected to a public Wifi, using a VPN is a must. Also, if you travel often and spend hours at airports here is a unique map called WiFox which displays free WiFi spots along with their passwords (in plaint-text) for airport passengers so you can kill time before the flight.

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