Blue Screen of Death will be Black Screen of Death in Windows 11

Microsoft’s Blue Screen of Death Revamped for Windows 11.

We thought that the start menu is the only element in Microsoft’s Windows operating system that will receive an overhaul in Windows 11. However, it is being reported that the new OS will feature a Black Screen of Death instead of the customary blue screen of death (BSOD) that we all dread so much.

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According to The Verge, it is the first significant tweak to the Windows interface since Microsoft added QR codes to the desktop version in 2016. BSOD has been a notable mainstay in Windows OS throughout the years, but for Windows 11, it seems like Microsoft is giving us a brand-new screen of death.

About the Blue and Black Screens of Death

Apparently, the new BSOD isn’t fully implemented in Windows 11’s most recent preview build. Instead, Microsoft will be switching to a new BSOD for system crashes to better match its new black startup and shutdown screens in Win 11.

It’s unclear why Microsoft is changing the color of this screen. It could be because the company is in a mood to change the outlook of the Windows interface to make the OS appear more modern.

Image: Microsoft, The Verge

The black screen of death will not have anything else changed apart from the color, and most features, including the use of a QR code and error codes, will remain the same as in the blue screen of death.

The old BSOD was introduced in Win 3.0 and has received several updates in the past 30 years. The last addition made to the dreaded blue screen of death was the inclusion of a sad face ASCII in Win 8.


How to View the New BSOD

Since the new BSOD hasn’t been implemented officially yet, to preview Win 11 build, you need to change the registry by accessing HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlCrashControl and modify the DisplayPreReleaseColor to 0.

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After doing this, restart the system and kill a critical window process or some method to cause the system to crash to view the new screen of death.

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