The Cheapest And Fastest Raspberry Pi 4 Now Offers 2GB RAM At $35

Celebrating the eighth birthday of Raspberry Pi, Eben Upton, founder & CEO of Raspberry Pi Ltd., came up with a big announcement for all the single board computer lovers.

Last year, Raspberry Pi released the Pi 4 model with cost reaching up to $55 for the first time. But, the latest revised pricing of Raspberry Pi 4 is a big relief for the community. Now, you can buy Raspberry Pi 4 with 2GB RAM at a reduced price of $35, which costs $45 earlier.

Starting with $35 Raspberry Pi in 2011, Pi team was compelled to increase the price for its new model Raspberry Pi 4 with increased RAM size. However, Raspberry Pi 4 also delivers faster performance than the previous one.

Pi 4 was criticized for its design fault in the newly introduced USB type C port, which stopped the power supply from C-Type cables. However, recently, Ebin Upton also announced that they are bringing a new model with a fixed fault circuit.

But, the latest reduction of RAM price in the market triggered the Raspberry Pi team to think over the fare of Pi 4 variants.

However, the latest revised price of 2GB Raspberry Pi cost equals to 1GB variant. It’s obvious that most will prefer a 2GB model over 1GB even though some may not require more space for their work.

Moreover, you can also go for the Raspberry Pi Model B+, which also costs $35 for 2GB. So, basically it’s quite possible that the sale of Raspberry Pi 4 with 1GB may go down owing to the latest revision in model 4 price.

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