Top New Technologies Every Student Should Try Out

It’s not a secret that technologies make our life easier and more comfortable. And education is no exception. Presently, lots of students rely on numerous technological advances that may help write a research paper, conduct research, organize study materials, and manage time more efficiently.

In today’s article, we’re not going to talk about such trivial devices as laptops, e-readers, iPads, or smartphones that have already become must-have tools for any learner. Instead, we suggest that you take a look at the freshest innovative developments in student technology and maybe try some of them out. 

Smart Pens 

You know what smartphones, smart TV, and smartboards are. And now it’s about time you learned what Smart Pens are and how they can help you become a more successful learner. 

We’ll bet you know the feeling when you fail to put down all the important ideas and facts mentioned by a professor during the lecture. Smart Pens are efficient innovative tools wherewith you’ll be able to digitally record notes from lectures. Such pens come bundled with special software that digitizes your handwritten notes. Your notes will instantly appear on your tablet or smartphone. Once on your device, it’s easy to convert your handwriting into text. You can even share your lecture notes with other students using your favorite applications. Smartpens are also equipped with a sensitive microphone that can record audio as you write. You can playback your audio from your tablet or smartphone. Simply tap your notes to play your audio from a specific moment in time. So, if you want to capture notes in a more efficient way you should definitely consider getting a smartpen. 

Tech Backpacks

If you’re one of those poor guys carrying heavy backpacks with multiple gadgets out and about your campus, we suggest that you take a closer look at such a handy invention as a tech backpack. Such bags are designed specifically to help you organize your gadgets, cables, and other technologies in one place. Moreover, a happy owner of a tech bag can charge their devices on the go without the need for portable chargers or power banks. Tech bags are equipped with solar energy panels that capture sunlight and turn it into the amount of electricity that normally suffices to sustain a couple of your gadgets during the day. Tech backpacks are quite durable, lightweight and made from water-resistant material. The good news is also that the majority of popular tech backpacks can be purchased for under $100, which, to our mind, is quite affordable for a college student. 

Noise-Cancelling Headphones 

It’s a rare student who has never been interrupted when studying. We bet you also know how difficult it can be to focus on your qualitative research when your roommate is talking on the phone loudly or when your neighbors are having a party. Of course, you can study in the library or elsewhere, but you’ve undoubtedly got used to studying in the comfort of your bed and don’t want to change your study habits. That’s when a pair of noise-canceling headphones may come in handy. Seems that noise-canceling headphones have been created exactly with students in mind. They are a great way to ensure that no extraneous sounds and distractions will interfere with your learning. Moreover, the noise-canceling headphone can be an excellent solution to those students who want to blow off steam to Pink Floyd or Nirvana without disturbing the people surrounding them.

Projection Keyboards 

It’s common knowledge that no portable device allows for efficient typing. We use our favorite tablets and smartphones to type short notes and text friends. But when it comes to typing college assignments such as essays or research papers, it’s good to have a keyboard at hand. Needless to say, a wired keyword is way too unwieldy to take with you and use for typing whenever necessary. But with virtual projection keyboards that have been around for quite some time typing on the go isn’t a problem anymore. You can connect such a keyboard to any of your favorite portable devices via Bluetooth and start working on your written assignments anytime, anywhere. Once you turn on your keyboard device it will project a red virtual keyboard on the flat surface. After that, you can start typing your text which will be subsequently synced to your mobile device. 

Other useful student technologies worth your attention include:

  • Smart Lights
  • Digital textbooks
  • Encrypted flash drives 
  • Laptop cooling mats
  • LiveBinder 
  • Laptop locks 
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