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Ahadu – Password List Generator

Ahadu is a python tool that generates a password list for brute force attempts based on list of words provided. The list is generated by combining the words in different ways and adding common password strengthening techniques.

The tool generates a password list file based on the input provided. The tool generates a one, two and three word combinations of the input. It manipulates the input words in a way people try to make them harder to guess. This includes

  • Different letter cases
  • Replacing some letters with characters and numbers
  • Adding numbers and characters at the end

Getting the code

First, get the code:


Ahadu is written in Python and requires argparse which can be installed using Pip:

pip install argparse


Go to the command line and run

    Usage: python generator.py [-h] -w word [word ...] [-s] [-l level] [-o output.txt]

    optional arguments:
      -h, --help          show help message and exit
      -w word [word ...]  possible words used in the password
      -s                  ordered list of words
      -l level            level of character replacement strength (1 - 5)
      -o output.txt       The output file where the password list should be
python generator.py -w admin pass 2019 -o output.txt
Generated passwords file with 3600 possible passwords

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