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SubDomain Analyzer – Domain Information Gathering Tool

SubDomain Analyzer is a Python-based tool that allows you to gather detailed information about a selected domain.

It gathers data from a domain by following these steps:
  • Trying to get the zone transfer file.
  • Gathers all information from DNS records.
  • Analyzing the DNS records (Analyzing all IP’s addresses from DNS records and test class C range from IP address (Example: and getting all data that containing the domain being analyzed).
  • Tests subdomains using the dictionary attack.


Linux Installation:
  1. sudo apt-get install python-dev python-pip
  2. sudo pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. easy_install prettytable

MacOSx Installation:

  1. Install Xcode Command Line Tools (AppStore)
  2. sudo easy_install pip, prettytable
  3. sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

Windows Installation:

  1. Install dnspython
  2. Install gevent
  3. Install prettytable
  4. Open Command Prompt(cmd) as Administrator -> Goto python folder -> Scripts (cd c:Python27Scripts)
  5. pip install -r (Full Path To requirements.txt)
  6. easy_install prettytable


  • Analyzing example.com domain:
subdomain-analyzer.py example.com
  • Analyzing example.com domain, save the records on log file by name log.txt, works with 100 threads and use by another dictionary file by name another-file.txt:
subdomain-analyzer.py example.com --output log.txt --threads 100 --sub-domain-list another-file.txt
  • Analyzing example.com domain, save the records on log file by name log.txt and append a new sub-domains to sub-domains list file:
subdomain-analyzer.py example.com -o log.txt --sub-domain-list

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