Remote Administration Tools

Loki – Remote Access Tool / Botnet

Loki is a Remote Access Tool/Botnet & uses RSA-2048 with AES-256 to keep your communication secure.


  • Python 3.6.x | 3.7.x

Server tested on

  • Windows 10
  • Kali Linux

Bot tested on

  • Windows 10
  • Kali Linux


  • Upload & Download
  • Chrome Launching
  • Persistence
  • Screenshot
  • Keylogger
  • Ddos
  • SFTP
  • SSH


pip install -r requirements.txt

Vayne-RaT – An Advanced C# .NET RAT

Server side

  1. open /lib/ & configure your private and public IP’s
  2. start
  3. navigate to
  4. login, Username: loki Password: ikol
  5. navigate to settings, selected server tab and start the server on the same IP as your private IP
  6. Click the home button

Generate a payload

  1. Navigate to the builder directory
  2. Run: python -h

It will not compile inside a virtual enivornment

After connection

  1. You can click the hostname of the bot once it connects
  2. Explore


ToRat: Remote Administation Tool using Tor as a Transport Mechanism



  • The bot will call the server using the Public IP, not the private IP
  • The bot will call the server using the port specified on the server tab


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