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Build your own DIY home alarm and surveillance system using a Raspberry Pi

Here is how it’s possible to build your own DIY home alarm and surveillance system from a Raspberry Pi – PrivateEyePi is an open source, configurable, automated home alarm system which you can build and code yourself. Its creator documented the whole system extensively and provides parts lists and pricing; wiring schematics; and all the code you’ll need. You can use motion detectors, or switches attached to doors, or a mixture of the two. There are instructions on adding cameras to the setup, and you can even add a temperature gauge to check on whether your central heating’s working when you’re away. You’ll be able to monitor everything via your computer or smart phone.

You can install PrivateEyePi from here 

DIY home alarm and surveillance system


It is also possible to add home surveillance to the project by using a third party application called “motion” to operate the webcam. Motion is great because:

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