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Cracking and Recovering Passwords via the Hashcat Tool

Password cracking tools are useful for an assortment of different things. Normally, a person’s first thought when hearing “password cracking tool” is malicious intent.

Hashcat installation for Linux users:
  • (sudo) apt-get install p7zip
  • (sudo) -sH
  • cd /opt
  • wget
  • p7zip -d oclHashcat-plus-0.14.7z
  • mv /opt/oclHashcat-plus-0.14 /opt/oclHashcat-plus
  • cd /opt/oclHashcat-plus
Example Hashcat commands include:
  • –status – “Enable automatic update of the status screen”
  • –keep-guessing – “Keep guessing the hash after it has been cracked”
  • –runtime – “Abort session after X seconds of runtime”
  • –benchmark – “Run benchmark”
  • –keyspace – “Show keyspace base: mod values and quit”
  • –generate-rules – “Generate X random rules”
  • –increment – “Enable mask increment mode”
  • –hccapx-message-pair – “Load only message pairs from hccapx matching X”
  • –remove – “Enable removal of hashes once they are cracked”
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