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How To Secure Your Broadband?

Having an internet connection is very crucial whether you are using your desktop, phone, or smart TV. But if you are planning on availing of internet connectivity at a fixed address, then a broadband connection can serve as your best bet.

You opt for a dial-up landline connection or the more advanced fiber optic cables while deciding on your broadband connection. The market is filled with an array of affordable deals offered by providers to lure in more customers. However, the one you select needs to be in sync with your particular requirements.

The story doesn’t end once you have decided on the broadband package as now you will have to undertake steps for strengthening its security parameter and that is exactly what we are going to guide you through today:

1: Encrypting the Wi-Fi access points can guarantee a stable internet connection by allowing only authorized people to use broadband. A Wi-Fi router comes with certain built-in protections like WEP, WPA, and WPA2. The most common one amongst these is WPA which is used in both office spaces and homes via a shared password key.

2: One of the best means of securing your broadband from hackers and data leaks is by keeping strong passwords and changing them frequently. Also, make sure you have changed the default password – Your chosen password needs to constitute at least 16 characters. A mix of numbers, upper and lowercase letters, and special characters can strengthen your password.

However, you should refrain from using personal information like your own name or other common phrases while setting the password. You can check the strength of your password using different online tools on a real-time basis. Using a password manager can also help keep track of all your passwords and generate new ones.

3: While setting up your broadband router for the first time, you need to alter the generic usernames which can otherwise ease out the hacker’s job. After altering the name of your router, you will have to change your home Wi-Fi network’s name. This procedure is termed a service set identifier and is the name shown on the radar of people searching for nearby networks.

Hackers can access sensitive data regarding your Wi-Fi setup from the default network names which comprise the model number and brand name of the router used. Thus, renaming the network can be a great means of keeping it safe from unwanted access by neighbors and hackers.

However, if your Apple iPhone or other computers, smartphones, smart home devices, and game systems are connected to your Wi-Fi, then they will be logged off automatically. You will be required to reconnect them again after renaming the network.

4: Limiting the range of your WiFi signal can be a great means of enhancing its security metrics. This is particularly helpful if you are planning on using broadband for a small area like your office or residence. Here you can switch the router to 802.11g from 802.11b or 802.11n.

Wi-Fi blocking paints contain chemicals that prevent the Wi-Fi signals from penetrating beyond the walls. Painting your room with the same can help in keeping your broadband connection secure. Users who are always on the move usually opt for sim-only deals with an unlimited data allowance for catering to their browsing needs.

5: Firewalls have an important role to play in strengthening your internet security plan. They act as a barrier between unauthorized users and your protected network. You can use a firewall alongside peer security measures like identity theft protection and antivirus software for strengthening your broadband network.

Final Words

Contrary to popular belief, our broadband signals do not stay limited to our home and office walls. Rather they get broadcasted to the streets and might be intercepted by cybercriminals in the search for free broadband access.

Following the above-mentioned tips can help secure your broadband connection and keep it buffered from various fraudulent and malicious activities taking place over the internet.

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