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How to Secure Your Login Credentials

According to a Dashlane study, a single person owns up to 90 online accounts. If you have more than that, it’s definitely not a reason to celebrate. Any one of these accounts could be vulnerable to hackers who are out to steal critical information and, worse, gain access to other accounts.

What matters more than how many accounts you have, however, is how you secure them from cybercriminals. The best way to do this is to keep your login information from falling into the wrong hands. Eliminate the risk of unauthorized access using these simple yet effective tips: 

  1. Never use the same passwords

Most people tend to use the same password for all their accounts because they think it’s more convenient. However, this becomes a serious cybersecurity problem if someone makes a lucky guess. Accessing one account opens up a goldmine of opportunity for cybercriminals. Your best defense would be to assign unique passwords. It’s a big sacrifice in terms of convenience, but your other accounts will be safe if one of them is compromised.

  1. Use a password manager
  1. Be careful with using public wifi
  1. Set up additional authentication processes 
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