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How to Stop Internet Explorer From Opening on Startup in Windows 10

It can be incredibly annoying when you turn on your computer, and your web browser opens automatically. It slows down the startup, and if you had a specific task to accomplish, it delays you with unnecessary clicks. Besides that, it’s inefficient. In this article, we will find out why this happens and what the best way to prevent this from happening is.

This is one of the more frustrating features of running Windows 10 on your PC. The software allows apps to set themselves to open at startup. Without a way to control this, the startup process lags, and then you’re bogged down in unwanted open apps. This feature is a detriment to your computer; it sucks up memory and takes resources that can affect how well your computer runs.

How Do I Make it Stop?

What About Internet Explorer?

  • First, clear your cache. A cache is a group of temporary files. Your browser creates these temporary files and then uses them to remember what a website looked like, allowing your browser to load faster since the page’s memory already exists. To clear your cache, open your browser, go to the Tools menu, and select Internet Options. Click on Clear Cache, and you’re done.
  • Enable JavaScript. JavaScript is a program that your browser needs to load graphics and ads completely. If your browser loads text but fails to load any graphics or ads, then you either don’t have JavaScript loaded at all, or you do, and it is disabled. You can find out much more about JavaScript and how to install it at this website.
  • Clear your cookies. A cookie is a little packet of information your computer sends and receives without altering the data within. Cookies are stored in your browser, and websites use them to track your visits and activity. However, too many cookies can slow down your browser, so you need to clear them from time to time. In a new browser session, choose Tools, then Internet Options. Click the General tab, then under Browsing History, select Delete. One last window will open, and you’ll want to check the box next to Cookies and website data. Click on Delete, and then wait while your cookies clear up.

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