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The TOP 20 Best outdoor wireless security camera systems with DVR (2019)

Cameras have made our lives so much easier especially
for those who own a paying guest or a hostel building. Here are the best
outdoor wireless security camera systems with DVR.

It allows you to keep a check in whatever is happening as
well as keep a recording of the videos date and day wise.

One needs to keep his home and family safe in a century like 21st
. These cameras will help you fulfill this demand.

Here’s all you need to know about best outdoor wireless security camera systems with a DVR in the year 2019, an updated version:

TOP 20 Best outdoor wireless security camera systems

Nest cam outdoor security camera

It is one of the best security cameras which provides
you with almost every necessary thing that you need and expect from a security

It has a 1800p hd live video power with about 130
degrees of wide angle lenses which allows you to see your visitor as well as
his/her surroundings.

You can download the camera’s app from the play store and then
stay updated 24 hours a day by seeing it on your mobile phone.

This app sends a notification to your phone when there’s a person standing outside your house. This ways, you don’t miss out on anything happening near your house.

Ring spotlight camera

This amazing security camera again uses 1800p of video
quality which gives you a crystal clear view of what is happening in a
particular area.

It only takes 5-10 minutes to install initially. You
can download the ring mobile app for viewing whatever is happening outside your
home, in your mobile phone.

No matter if it’s dark or daylight, this camera gives
crystal clear view as it has night vision for dark.

It also has a 2 way audio so that you can speak to your
guests and is also a waterproof camera.

Arlo pro 2

This camera is IP65- certified camera and provides the
viewer a video of 1800p. It is a waterproof camera which is a huge advantage.

Once you download the mobile app on your smart phone,
you’ll be given notifications and sirens when some activity is happening
outside your home.

It has a continuous recording feature as well as just motion recording feature which only records when it notices some movements in front of it.

Swann bullet camera

This amazing dome shaped camera has some real amazing
features. You would be amazed to know that this camera has 102 degree of
viewing feature.

It has a 60 inches coax power cable and is waterproof which makes
it available for every season and weather.

This camera also has a night vision mode in which you
can see what is happening around even when there is no light.

Right from people to cars, it senses and records almost every warm object that comes near or in front of it.

Nest cam IQ- outdoor

Net cam IQ is the latest camera with IP66 certified. It
also is wifi enabled which makes it really easy for the user to use it.

An amazing lens of 130 degree and the waterproof
feature makes this camera really stand out of the rest of the others.

Once you download the camera viewing app, you can get
notifications as well as zoom into the person so much that his face is visible

It also allows you to speak to your guests as it has 2
way speakers which make it very easy for the users to use it.

Lorex security camera

This metal security camera has a 112 degree of viewing field
for the user and has a color night vision which provides a clear vision.

It is a waterproof camera which is made with a 4K image sensor for leading camera
footage quality. It also connects to your phone.

Zmodo security camera

Zomdo security camera is one of the best cameras which
is IP-65 certified and has a 720p viewing quality within 65 feet of distance.

It offers Zmodo Cloud
Service to store through which you can get various notifications and view the
recordings on your mobile phone.

For real time viewing
you need to download the official zomodo app from the Google lay store and use
it. More over its waterproof feature makes it more compatible to use.

ADT outdoor camera

This amazing security
camera captures 720p quality of images and videos even if there is little or no

Once you download the
app for viewing the real time recordings, it is very easy for you to control
the angles and other things right from your phone.

Know who’s coming or
going to your home even when you’re away from your home.

Netatmo outdoor security camera

It has an amazing feedback and a 4 start rating by the
audience. This security camera provides one with a very high security by giving
alerts when someone is near your gate.

Right from recordings to real time viewing, it allows
you everything to control from your smart phone.

Smonet security camera

Smonet camera has a night vision quality and displays
videos and images at 720p quality.

You can connect up to 8 different cameras to just one
device which can be a laptop, computer or a mobile phone.

The feature of connecting multiple cameras together helps to keep a tight security over your house and makes it easier to monitor.

Blink XT2

This is a battery powered camera which can be used both
indoors and outdoors. It has so many amazing features which will force you to
buy it.

Right from night vision to motion
to temperature change detection to 2 way audio to talk to
your guests, it proves itself.

As soon as it detects motion, a notification is sent on
your mobile phone so that you can immediately check who it is.

Reolink argus eco

One of the most amazing features of this camera which makes
it stand apart from the rest is, you get to buy a solar panel which is sold

It is rechargeable as well as works with that solar
panel and has 1080p quality of hd videos which makes it crystal clear for the
viewer to see who it is.

It can be controlled and watched anywhere and
everywhere just by downloading the reolink’s app on your mobile phone.

EZVIZ outdoor security camera

This camera rotates about 360 degree and gives the
viewer a view from about almost all angles.

It has great quality speakers which lets you have a conversation with the guests. With the cloud storage, you’ll be able to record and store the recordings on your device for later use.

Sequro security system

It has a color 7 inch LCD touch screen which lets you view
both real time footage as well as old recording up to several many days.

It has the feature of night vision and displays high
quality videos to give the viewer a crystal clear view about the guests.

One should totally advise to try this camera for his/her
home as it has got some real good reviews and star ratings.

Foscam security camera

This is a wifi enabled camera which has a 1080p quality
for images and videos. It also has a web server for viewing live footage about
what is happening near your house.

One can connect to its official app for getting instant
alerts about movements and motions.

Amcrest Ultra HD 4MP 4CH Home Security Camera

This is another one of the best and most amazing security cameras which
has a video quality of 2688×1440 Ultra HD  and storage of 1 to 8 TB.

It also has a night vision of about 98 feet and has the motion and movement detection available. It has got an amazing rating which makes it stand out from the rest of the others.

Sannce 8CH

With a 4 star rating, this security
camera has a 720p quality for viewing videos. It also has nigh vision mode
which give a clear view even in no light.

It has a night vision of about 66
feet which is very good and has motion and movement detection enabled in it.

Tonton 8CH

Tonton is a brand which has some of
the best security cameras and has motion and movement detection in it.

It also has 1080p quality for viewing
images and videos and the company provides you with a warranty of 1 year.


Zosi is another amazing camera which
helps in maintaining good security at your home. The
company which manufactures it is ZOSI and provides you with a warranty of 2

You also get a viewing quality of
720-1080p depending upon the model of the camera.

First trend 8CH security camera

First trend camera which is
originally manufactured by the company first trend has proved itself in its

He company provides a 1 year warranty with 1080p viewing quality assurity. With amazing reviews and good star ratings, this camera proves itself to stand out from the rest of the others.

These were some of the best and top
20 security cameras which you should consider buying because of all the
advantages they have. I hope you gained knowledge you wanted to about the
security cameras.

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