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Why are self-driving cars not offered to us at level 5 by deep learning?

With the advancement of innovations in technology, the automotive industry has started to develop AI (Artificial intelligence) based vehicles. Have you ever dreamed of traveling in a self-driving automobile? No doubt some initiatives have been taken to launch these driverless wheels in the market. But you can only drive and Car Rental Dubai at level 2 of artificial intelligence in Dubai.

As Dubai is highly visited by tourists and commercialists, some driverless vehicles are expected to launch soon in Dubai to facilitate travelers. Do you think the auto industry is taking too much time in launching self-driving cars? Why do you have to go for deep learning of driving rules and regulations before getting into a driving seat? Why don’t you cannot enjoy your trips while commuting in driverless automobiles?

Before getting answers to these questions, you should know the difference between self-driving autos at level 5 and those in the market. And, in this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about why deep learning is not offering us self-driving cars.

  • What are the Level 5 Self-driving cars?
  • How will level 5 autonomous cars be different from level 4 autonomous cars?
  • Why is it challenging to switch deep learning technology for self-driving concepts?
  • Why is AI the most preferred technology for self-driving cars?
  • What is the difference between AI-driven cars and human-driven cars?

What are the Level 5 Self-driving cars?

Self-driving vehicles that can drive your car without your assistance in all kinds of circumstances are level 5 autonomous wheels. You will be amazed to know that there is no need for any driving seat and steering wheel in such motors. Just imagine yourself traveling in such a wonderful automobile. You will not get tired after driving for long miles. Instead of this tiring effort, you will be able to enjoy your family vacations and trips.

How will level 5 autonomous cars be different from level 4 autonomous cars?

The current driverless vehicles are not completely autonomous. In fact, the self-driving vehicles currently running on the roads and track of Dubai are at level 2. Such automobiles work under partial automation. For instance, Tesla’s rented vehicle from a Monthly Rent A Car Company will only accelerate and brake automatically in special circumstances. But still, there is a need for a driver to control and maintain your car’s balance.

Irrespective of the autonomous acceleration of level 2 motors, you will have to keep your hands on the steering wheel to maintain a controlled balance. So, you should be highly trained and alert while traveling in such cars. What if there is some malfunctioning of the automotive system? This is also a reason for not jumping on technologists to fully automated level 5 driverless cars. In fact, trials are made before launching any AI-based motor in the UAE auto market.

Why is it challenging to switch deep learning technology for self-driving concepts?

Why can’t you switch technology to level 5 autonomous cars? To understand its reason, you imagine having a new place, city or country around you. You will surely be in assistance of getting some instant deep learning of the new location. Similarly, technologists are also trying their best to improve the functioning synchronization of artificial intelligence wheels.

It has been observed that people take some time to adjust and learn. But you cannot do the same with the automotive industry. No doubt artificial intelligence is capable of doing everything, still, there is a great difference in the built-in algorithms and driving learning. Tesla Air Pilots are putting their efforts to revolutionize the latest models of cars with surprising self-driving specifications.

Despite all the innovations, the main reason for long-tail advancement in artificial intelligence wheels is to build data. Your car’s AI has to memorize all the routes and tracks of the place including maps. In order to install all the maps, navigation, routes, and tracks of Dubai, auto technologists need some time. So, deep learning is not able to bring you level 5 self-driving motors at once.

What is the difference between AI-driven cars and human-driven cars?

The main conception that urged the car industry to shift towards artificial intelligence is the increasing ratio of accidents. If you ever plan to visit Dubai, you will be surprised to see that Monthly Car Rental Dubai Company will lease or rent you a motor depending upon your driving experience. You will not be able to hire any luxury motor without driving experience in the UAE even with the availability of IDP (International Driving Permit).

Despite receiving and visualizing bundles of information, the human’s visual cortex only gains sensibility to specific things in circumstances. Even after trillions of evolutionary areas, your vision is capable of percept and receive the goals crucial for your survival. No doubt some specific colors, signboards, and flashes have been consciously developed to improve the road sensibility of humans, but still, humans can commit a mistake causing accidents.

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