Hackers demand $30 million USD after ransomware attack. Thousands of employees affected

Reports of ransomware attack incidents grew considerably as of the second half of 2019, and apparently the trend has continued. A cloud computing security firm has reported an infection with encryption malware affecting the Australian offices of a multinational company; the hackers responsible for the attack demand a ransom of $30 million USD to restore access to the affected systems.  

Australian authorities have confirmed the
incident, although the name of the company victim of the attack was reserved.
However, it is known that the multinational firm has had to suspend its
activities almost entirely after the incident.

For now, sources close to the company claim
that the personal information of customers and employees has not been
compromised. In addition, the informants say that the managers have decided not
to give up to the demands of the cybercriminals, as they will have the support
of a prestigious cloud computing security firm during the incident recovery

This is not the only similar incident reported
on Australian territory recently. A few days ago, the logistics and
transportation firm Toll Group revealed that its systems had been infected with
encryption malware,
an incident that disrupted the company’s regular activities.

Moreover, car auctioneer firm Manheim
also revealed that it was the victim of a recent ransomware attack that would
have compromised personal details of its customers. This incident would have
been detected on February 15, although internal investigation is still ongoing:
“We have been the subject of a malware attack created to disrupt access to
our computer systems; with the help of a cloud computing security firm we will
resume our normal activities as soon as possible,” the company’s statement

Australian authorities have received 68
complaints of ransomware attacks in the past twelve months. In this regard, the
Consumer Protection Commission recommends that we remain alert to the constant
cybersecurity threats faced by companies, as these incidents can represent
considerable economic losses, either by paying fines for non-compliance with
information protection, or to cover costly recovery processes.

The International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS)
ensures that the main cause of ransomware infections remain malicious emails,
which are received by users without cybersecurity knowledge, making them
especially vulnerable to these attacks.   

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