Netflix Hacked? Netflix accounts reactivated and user’s credit cards charged

There are reports of
charges to users who had canceled their accounts for months. Hackers have
exploited Netflix’s data retention policies to reactivate canceled customer
subscriptions and steal their accounts according to cyber security awareness

Former subscribers
mention that their accounts were reactivated and their bank accounts were
charged, this after months of having canceled.

Cybercriminals can
access inactive accounts and reactivate them without knowing the details of the
bank, according to computer security awareness experts. Possibly because credit
card is stored in the accounts and Netflix never deletes the old subscriber

According to Daniel López,
who said he canceled his subscription in April 2019, he was charged $ 10 USD in
September. He tried to log into his account, but discovered that the email and
password were no longer the ones he used, cyber criminals had changed his data
and the subscription was changed to the most expensive one.

Daniel contacted Netflix
and was assured that his card would be blocked and that he would receive a full
refund, but the company kept on charging him with two other payments in October
and November.

The case of Daniel is
not the only one, on Twitter there are more users reporting this fact and they
have occupied this platform to attack this company.

“Super disappointed
with my customer service experience @netflix,” posted a user on the social
networking site. “Our account was stolen, it is supposed to be
deactivated, reactivated by a hacker and continued to use our credit card to enjoy
the service. They told us to present the charge as unrecognized and @netflix
would offer us a refund.”

According to reports from
the International Institute of Cyber ​​Security mentioned that, the data stolen
from Netflix to log in, have been found on sites such as eBay, Mercado Libre
and even on Facebook, such as “Netflix 4 Screen Shared Account for a period of
12 months for a cost of (US $ 24.99). The same problem has been reported for
Amazon, HBO and Disney plus accounts just a few hours after the launch of the
service in the US. According to Cyber
security awareness course
experts the question remains why Netflix is not able to secure
the users accounts and why Netflix is still holding all the information of the
users whose accounts have been deactivated.

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