8 Best Twitter Alternatives Where Free Speech Is Respected

Twitter alternatives are becoming more and more popular each day and that’s because of several reasons. Extremists from different political ideologies continue to harass minorities and other marginalized groups on this social media platform. These groups threaten innocent people and torment them with racist and sexist comments.

It is important for all the people in a society to voice their opinion. But they can’t seem to do it on Twitter. Hence here are the top 8 best Twitter Alternatives that everyone can use to express their thoughts freely without any restrictions:

Top 8 Best Twitter Alternatives In 2019

1. Mastodon

Mastodon is a decentralized alternative to Twitter. It’s better than Twitter in many ways. The entire social media network consists of different servers located around the world, each of them hosting an instance that caters to a particular audience. No matter if you’re a tech person, a social activist, or even an adult content creator, there is a server for you at Mastodon. Most of the Mastodon servers use the TootCat code of conduct, which means there is no room for violent nationalism, racism, sexism, xenophobia, Holocaust denial or Nazi symbolism, etc.

2. Reddit

If you have a deep interest in something, you can find a group or, in this case, a subreddit on Reddit. The website is synonymous with “good” and “fresh” content on the internet. Being on Reddit has the advantage of staying up to date with the latest news and all the trending events. Most of the stuff happens inside the thousands of subreddits that have rules of their own. So if you don’t prefer the crowd in one group, you can leave it and join another one more suitable for you.

3. Care2

If you’re tired of all the negativity on Twitter then Care2 is the place for you. On this social media platform, millions of people join together to make an actual real-world difference. Care2 is filled with stories of success from big to small, where people interact and help each other to make the world a better place.

The platform plays hosts to a variety of good deeds just waiting to happen. You can find petitions related to civil rights, animal rights, social equality, environment-saving and a lot more. On this social website, you simply have to click to sign the petition and one of the website’s sponsor will donate an amount in your name. You can also take different webinars related to social activism on this site to learn to help people around you.

4. Ello

If you joined Twitter to display your artistic abilities but ended up among an alien crowd, then it is time to switch to an alternative social media network. Ello describes itself as a “global community of artists” built by artists and for them.

Ello is filled to the brim with artists, creators, writers, etc. Whether you’re into architecture, photography, journalism, design, or music, you can find like-minded people on this Twitter alternative.

5. The Dots

The Dots is another social media network that caters to the world of artists and creatives. Dots doubles up as a professional network building site, similar to Linkedin. The only difference is that here you can display your own form of art for any potential employee or the general public to see.

Employees from different companies like VICE, Bonboz, The Telegraph, VOGUE can be easily found on this social media network. Dots allow you to express your thoughts using creative media without any sort of shadow ban or censorship. And the best part is, after creating something bold, instead of getting harassed, like how you would on Twitter, on The Dots social network, you might get hired.

6. Plurk

To “Plurk” means to chronicle the events of your interesting life and the website allows you to do just that without the unearthly harassment that you would face on Twitter. Plurk is a fully-fledged social media network that is kind of a mixture of Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. You earn Karma on this site just like Reddit, you can see other people’s timelines or you can keep it private like you’d on Facebook. And you can also post your thoughts in small bite-sized messages with up to 210 characters similar to Twitter. Plurk is simple to use, secure and free of toxicity.

7. Tumblr

This microblogging website has always been one of the favorite websites for several creative artists and free thinkers. Tumblr is a place where people are not afraid to express themselves, you can follow your interesting topics and become friends with a similar taste quite easily. Tumblr allows users to post content in the form of micro-blogs. You can post GIFs, images, and short videos on the site. Tumblr also has a “safe mode” meaning if you don’t want to see any sort of explicit content you can block all of it at the touch of a button.

8. is another microblogging site that delivers on the promise of offering a safe platform for all users. Just like Tumblr, also has a safe mode which disables all the explicit and sensitive content on the platform. The website also has a ton of groups to join each focusing on different topics ranging from cats to Hogwarts. On this Twitter alternative, users can post audio, video, pictures, links and more. Users can also like and share different posts on

Best Twitter Alternatives In 2019

You can choose one of these best Twitter alternatives and they’ll offer you a great platform for voicing your opinion without any toxic harassment. Even if you encounter any such problem, on these platforms, unlike Twitter, you can take strict actions against it.

Free speech, especially for those not in power and on the marginalized section, must be protected in any progressive society. These platforms are tools for the modern generation to make sure their critical voices are heard, so make the most of them.

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