These Are The 10 Best Jobs In Tech Field To Apply For In 2016

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: Looking for a new job in tech? Here’s an article telling you the 10 bets jobs in the tech field right now. This list ranks the hottest careers based upon salary, job openings, and career opportunities. 

If you are bored from your current tech job and looking to switch your job, remember this thing — some tech job are better than others. All you need is correct data at the right time to make the perfect decision.

The job hunting website Glassdoor is here to help you with its 2016 list of the best jobs. Civil engineer, mechanical engineers, and lawyers all have disappeared from this list. While the website has prepared a list of the top 25 jobs for 2016, out of those, we have picked the top 10 jobs in technology that you need to look for this year.

The list mentions the average salary, number of job openings and scores out of five. Let’s take a look:

10 best tech jobs you should apply for in 2016:

1. Data Scientist

Also called the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’, the data scientist job profile is something that needs a wide range of skills including mathematical, statistical, predictive modeling, and business strategy skills. Their job includes collecting and analyzing ‘big data’ to present the hidden business insights.

  • Number of Job Openings: 1,736
  • Median Base Salary: $116,840
  • Career Opportunities Rating: 4.1

2. Solutions Architect

Solutions architect is a person who is responsible for converting the requirements into the architecture of that solution and describing it using a set of design architecture standards.

  • Number of Job Openings: 2,906
  • Median Base Salary: $119,500
  • Career Opportunities Rating: 3.5

3. Mobile Developer

The software requirements are converted into programmable code and programs by a mobile developer. Usually, a mobile developer is skilled in one specific field like mobile development, graphics software, business software etc.

  • Number of Job Openings: 2,251
  • Median Base Salary: $90,000
  • Career Opportunities Rating: 3.8

4. Product Manager

A product manager finds an intersection between technology, business, and user experience to discover a valuable and feasible product. This person oversees the projects and their progress.

  • Number of Job Openings: 6,607
  • Median Base Salary: $106,680
  • Career Opportunities Rating: 3.3

5. Software Engineer

A software engineer is responsible for the complete life-cycle of a new or modified version of a software. This person works on everything — research, design, training, application, and support.

  • Number of Job Openings: 49,270
  • Median Base Salary: $95,000
  • Career Opportunities Rating: 3.3

6. Analytics Manager

An analytics manager plays a key role in designing the future strategy of a company. This person generates information based on previous records and performance to arrive at a comprehensive result.

  • Number of Job Openings: 982
  • Median Base Salary: $105,000
  • Career Opportunities Rating: 3.7

7. Software Development Manager

A software manager is often called the ‘man in the middle’. This person deals with software development projects and takes care of various developments, customers, management, and sales aspects.

  • Number of Job Openings: 1,199
  • Median Base Salary: $135,000
  • Career Opportunities Rating: 3.4

8. QA [Quality Assurance] Manager

A QA manager ensures that the end product fulfills the relevant criteria, establishes procedures and certain quality standards.

  • Number of Job Openings: 3,749
  • Median Base Salary: $85,000
  • Career Opportunities Rating: 3.4

9. UX [User Experience] Designer

A UX designer is responsible for the looks and feel of a product. This person explores multiple approaches to arrive at a final solution to ensure that the product provides the best user experience.

  • Number of Job Openings: 863
  • Median Base Salary: $91,800
  • Career Opportunities Rating: 3.6

10. Software Architect

A software architect is a software expert that designs software applications and dictates how the software will be implemented in an enterprise.

  • Number of Job Openings: 653
  • Median Base Salary: $130,000
  • Career Opportunities Rating: 3.4

Did you find this list of best tech jobs of 2016 helpful? Share your with us in the comments below.

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