What Is The Best Windows 10 Web Browser – According To Benchmark Tests

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When we talk about the best Windows 10 web browsers, our list narrows down to Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc. Microsoft has invested heavily in Microsoft Edge and the results are reflected in the benchmark scores. However, Chrome manages to retain its spot as the best Windows 10 browser and Edge still needs some basic improvements.

Microsoft released Windows 10 in July 2015 with great pomp and show. Along with the OS, Redmond pushed the new Microsoft Edge browser that was poised to challenge the likes of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. But, did Microsoft make the ultimate browser for Windows 10? Well, let’s find out the same.

Recently, ZDNet benchmarked different web browsers on Windows 10 using different benchmarking tools. The test was conducted on the latest version of Windows 10, version 10586.63. Talking about the PC specifications, it was an Asus CM6730 that was powered by a third-generation 3.4GHz Intel Core i7-3770 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT 620 graphics card. The PC housed 1TB hard drive and 8GB RAM.

Browsers Tested On Windows 10 — Edge (25), IE 11, Chrome 49, Firefox 43, Opera 34

To find out the best browsers for Windows 10 operating system, the browsers that were tested are Edge (25), IE 11, Chrome 49, Firefox 43, and Opera 34. Below are the results of each benchmarking tool:

Benchmark results — What Is The Best  Windows 10 Web Browser?

Jetsteam 1.1: Higher score is better

Benchmarking the best web browsers for Windows 10 on Jetsteam 1.1, Microsoft Edge topped the list with a score of 231.78, followed by Chrome with 196.86, Opera with 186.29, Firefox with 182.46, and IE with 133.07.

Kraken 1.1: Lower score is better

On Kraken, Chrome topped the list with 1,009.8 milliseconds (ms), followed by Opera with 1037.0 ms, Edge with 1,052.5 ms with Firefox, and IE with 1826.7 ms.

Octane 2.0: Higher score is better

When the best web browsers for Windows 10 were tested on Octane 2.0, Microsoft Edge topped the list with 36,544. It was followed by Chrome with 33,926, Firefox with 31,339, Opera with 27, 736, and IE with 17,751.

Robohornet: Higher score is better

On Robohornet, Chrome topped the charts with a score of 175.73. It was followed by Opera with a score of 165.13. For the first time, IE took the third spot with 117.78 and Firefox took fourth place with 115.13. Surprisingly, Edge performed the worst with a score of 102.23.

HTML5 Test: This isn’t some benchmark test, it just shows how close each browser comes to being in sync with HTML5 standard. The perfect score is 550.

In HTML5 test, the best Windows 10 web browsers list was topped by Chrome with a score of 521. It was closely followed by Opera with a score of 520, Firefox with a score of 468, Edge with a score of 453, and IE with a score of 343.

If you look at the benchmark results of the best Windows 10 browsers, there’s something very clear — you don’t want to run IE 11 to browse the web.

With Edge, Microsoft has managed to create a super fast Windows 10 browser that competes very well with Chrome in benchmark tests. However, the browser misses some key features like extension support, tabbed browsing, ability to group pages together.

These benchmark results crown Google Chrome as the best Windows 10 web browser. However, Microsoft Edge is something that should be watched closely. If Edge gets more features in next Windows 10 update, it has the ability to attain the top spot.

Which Windows 10 browser do you use? Do tell us in the comments below.

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