Vault 7 Leaks: CIA Hacking Tool “Angelfire” Secret Document Revealed to Compromise Windows OS – WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks Revealed a new Document of CIA Hacking Tool called “Angelfire” which comprised of 5 integrated components that are used to Compromise the Windows Computers Especially Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Angelfire integrated componenets are Solartime, Wolfcreek, Keystone (previously MagicWand), BadMFS, and the Windows Transitory File system.

Few Day Before WikiLeaks Revealed Secret Cyber Operation Document called “ExpressLane” Against Their Intelligence Partners.

Angelfire is a Framework Designed by CIA that can load and execute custom implants (polymorphic multipartite virus) into the Targeting Windows Computer and infect partition boot sector.

5 Integrated components with  Angelfire Implant 

Five comprised components are Performing Different Process with Angelfilre implant framework and it works on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows 7, and on 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008 R2.

These are the 5 Components  comprised with  Angelfire to infect the Windows Computer


Solartime helps to modify the partition boot sector to load some kernel code. This Modification leads to modifies the Windows boot process so that when Windows loads boot time device.

A small file combined with implant driver and Solartime boot code is placed into a Small file on Disk and that Specific File is encrypted.


Above Solartime executes By helping of Wolfcreek kernel code. Wolfcreek can able to load other Drivers user-mode applications using its self-Loading Driver capability.


According to CIA Document, Keystone is responsible for starting user applications. Any application started by MW is done without the implant ever being dropped to the file system. In other words, a process created and the implant is loaded directly into memory. Currently, all processes will be created as svchost.


Windows Transitory File system

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