Apple Exaggerates Battery Performance Of iPhones By 31%: Report

A report from a United Kingdom-based independent consumer body says that Apple exaggerates the battery performance of several iPhone models.

A Which? report examined the battery performance of many smartphones from a host of popular OEMs like Apple, Samsung, HTC and Sony. Out of these tests, it was found that Apple stands first in the list when it comes to overstating the talk time.

According to Apple, the recently launched iPhone XR should offer a talk time of 25 hours whereas the tests conducted by Which? found that it lasted 16 hours and 32 minutes. Other iPhone models were also tested, and it was concluded that Apple overestimated its talk time by 31% on average.

The next in the list of exaggerated battery performance is HTC. However, HTC’s untrue claims are comparably minimal. HTC claims a talk time of 20.5 hours but actually offers 19.6 hours on average.

Samsung, Nokia & Sony Understate Talk Time

You’ll be surprised to know that Samsung, Nokia, and Sony understate the talk time offered by their smartphones. In the tests conducted on Sony smartphones, it was found that the PlayStation maker company understates the performance by 21% on average.

After the alleged blame, Apple responded by saying :

Which? haven’t shared their methodology with us so we can’t compare their results to ours. We share our methodology for testing which we publish in detail here.”

Which?’s website states that these tests were conducted by charging the phones to full battery level and then measuring the time it takes to discharge the battery while making continuous calls. The resultant time is then compared against the talk time claimed by the company.

What do you think about the battery performance of iPhones? Are you satisfied with the talk time offered by your iPhone? Tell us in the comments.

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