Apple Releases Free iPhone Camera Tutorial Videos

When it comes to point and shoot smartphones, Apple iPhone certainly has a fair share of popularity in the market. And why not, people are paying a ton of money for such premium devices.

And the case of the latest iPhone XS and XR is also not different. In 2018, Apple added features like Smart HDR and also improved the real-time bokeh effect in the photos. It could be the case that there are better smartphone cameras than XS, but certainly, its photos are likable and sharable without the need for any editing.

But it seems now Apple wants that iPhone users should know a lot more than just pressing the shutter button. That’s why it has released a series of four tutorial videos on its YouTube channel that will teach you many interesting things about clicking photos from an iPhone.

For example, it tells you how to use the Stage Light mono mode in the iPhone’s camera app, how to enable depth control for the photos, or something as simple as finding photos of specific people and objects on your iPhone.

It’s quite possible that you might know all of this already. Still, it’s good to check out these videos that are of around 40 seconds in length.

Tell us about the key takeaways from these videos in the comment section.

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