Apple Stands Against Right To Repair Law, Brings Up Security Concerns

A new Right to Repair bill is set to get introduced in California, which is already part of around 17 US states. However, Cupertino-based tech major Apple is against the law going official and suggests that it could lead users to harm themselves.

As per a meeting that took place with members of the Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee and CompTIA lobbyist, Apple has suggested that the process of repairing an iPhone is not an easy one and it could cause people to hurt themselves by piercing the lithium-ion battery.

The lobbyist showed intricate iPhone components in the meeting, hinting at the process of fixing an iPhone being a difficult task.

To recall, Apple has been against the new legislation in California for a while now and has lobbied against it in various other American states.

While Apple has provided with all the security concerns around the act, it is suggested that such points are of no concern as various people manually fix the smartphones without many issues.

Right To Repair Bill

As a reminder, the right to repair bill, if passed, will allow users in California to fix his or her smartphones by themselves, taking help from the smartphone makers’ repair information, replacement parts, and diagnostic tools which will eventually help users repair the faulty smartphones.

This act will not only benefit the owners of the products but will also allow users to choose the desired repair shops as currently, not all standalone repair shops are capable of fixing the smartphones due to unavailability of the device’s components.

Why I Think Apple Is Against The Law

The Right to Repair law will prove beneficial to almost everyone except Apple. Presently, Apple’s components are difficult to find and those who seek them are required to sign for Apple Authorized Service Provider Program for which people have to pay a fee.

If the bill is passed, Apple will have to unwillingly provide with all the necessary items which won’t remain exclusive to Apple and users’ dependency on Apple might go short.

In my opinion, the Right to Repair bill will help lots of users get his or her devices mended with ease, possibly not spending much.

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