Cheap iPhone With In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Coming For China: Report

Apple witnessed a huge slump in sales this year and China came out as the country with the worst sales. As per a report by China’s Global Times, Apple is planning to combat this situation and could launch an exclusive iPhone for China at a cheaper price.

The report also says that the China-specific iPhone will ditch the Face ID and will incorporate an under-display fingerprint sensor to unlock the device. The motive behind removing the facial recognition system is cost cutting as the structured light laser emitter, which is deployed in the Face ID, is an expensive component and costs several hundred Yuan.

According to a Beijing-based representative, who chose not to disclose his name says, “only Apple can afford it but that would also affect its sales.”

China is a major market for Apple and local brands like Huawei, Vivo, and Oppo are luring customers with their feature-rich phones at a much cheaper price.

This China-specific iPhone is seen as a measure to reduce production costs and thus the overall cost of the device for the consumers.

As per some analysts, Apple’s strategy to revive sales in China by launching an exclusive iPhone could boost sales, but in the process, the company is likely to compromise on its “premium” brand position.

If at all Apple launches an iPhone in China at a cheaper price and sans FaceID, it would be one of the most significant decisions taken by the company in the recent years. The decision would involve striking the perfect balance between its global high-end brand image and capturing the ever-growing Chinese market.

Do you think Apple will succeed in reviving its sales in China with this China-exclusive iPhone? Tell us in the comments below.

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