Database with 271 million Wattpad accounts leaked on hacker forum

Wattpad database has been published on an English and Russian speaking hacker forum.

It seems like selling hacked databases comprising of a treasure trove of authentic user info has become the new fad for cybercriminals. We recently reported about the leaked database containing personal details of around 142 million MGM Hotels’ customers being sold for as low as $2900 on the dark web.

Now has discovered another database containing around 271 million user records of Wattpad customers. The concerning point is that previously the data was offered for ten bitcoins (a little over $100,000) but now it is available for free on an English and Russian speaking hacker forum.

Wattpad is a popular platform where members can publish user-generated stories on almost every type of topic or subject. The website is widely used by users from across the world and is ranked as the 150th most visited website globally.

According to sample data seen by, the database contains private user data including names, user IDs, salted and hashed passwords, email IDs, and the user’s geo-location among other sensitive data.


Wattpad database on a Russian speaking hacker forum:

When contacted for an official response, Wattpad’s PR and Communications Director, Kiel Hume, stated that they have learned about the data breach and are currently working with third-party security consultants to investigate the incident. 

“We take the security of our users and their data extremely seriously, and our teams will be working around the clock to uncover any new information,” Hume stated.

The company has confirmed that financial data wasn’t compromised in the data breach while phone numbers, private messages, and stories were accessed by hackers.

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