Facebook And Google Aren’t The Best Places To Work: Glassdoor’s Report

Many graduates from engineering universities dream of working at major tech giants, such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

While these tech giants do shell out huge salaries, a popular notion is that companies like Google and Facebook are also the best places to work due to numerous employee benefits, office amenities, and a great work environment.

While it was true for a long period, the latest annual rankings report by Glassdoor indicates that Google and Facebook are no longer part of the top 10 work environments. Still, they are decent places to work, with Google and Facebook ranked 11th and 23rd, respectively.

However, the best tech workplaces for 2020 are Hubspot, a cloud computing company ranked at number one position, and tech firms DocuSign and Ultimate Software ranked at three and eight positions, respectively.

Interestingly, Facebook is at its lowest since the social media giant achieved the number one position back in 2011. Back in June, The Verge did a story on the poor working conditions of Facebook moderators and the side-effects of their job.

And not long ago, a group of black people wrote an anonymous letter complaining about racism in the workplace.

Facebook and Google are not the only ones, Apple, who always stood under the top 25 went straight to 84th rank. Amazon, on the other hand, failed to make it to the list for the 12th straight year.

Meanwhile, few companies made to the list for the first time, such as Slack, a messaging service targeted at professionals, ranked 67th and Dell Technologies ranked in 69th position.

Glassdoor considers many factors while ranking companies such as employee benefits, working conditions, culture, and so on.

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