Google Chrome’s New ‘RAM Reduction’ Feature Under Testing, Try It Here

Google knows that netizens don’t leave any chance of trolling when it comes to Chrome. Yes, the browser is fast but for that, it gobbles down a lot of RAM on your PC.

That’s why the company is constantly figuring out ways to improve the performance of Chrome browser. For example, we recently saw Google working on the Never Slow Mode. Now, Chrome Story has spotted a new Chrome flag called “Skip best effort tasks“.

It could reduce Chrome’s RAM consumption, hopefully by a noticeable degree. And it does so by pausing less important low priority processes that Chrome runs in the background until shutdown. For example, cleaning caches, writing user data to disk, reporting metrics or updating components.

To use the flag, first you need to download Chrome Canary and you can type the following URL in the Omni bar.


Here, Enable the flag and relaunch Chrome Canary.

It’s still an experimental feature so it could be possible that Google may not release it to the general public. But if it gets the green signal then it will be available for Chrome on Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.

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