Google Maps Will Bring A Feature To Automatically Delete Location History

Back at CES 2019, Google introduced a couple of features for its Maps app, and it appears we are most likely to see new ones pretty soon, as part of its upcoming update, in version 10.10.

According to APK files acquired by 9To5Google, Google Maps is likely to start deleting the location automatically for users.

To recall, this can be currently done manually if the users wish to delete their location history by selecting either the  “Delete all Location History” or “Delete Location History” range options under the Personal Content section in the Settings menu.

In addition to this, Google Maps could also get a new Personal Events feature, which when enabled will allow the app to provide route suggestions based on upcoming trips and events which will be taken from the Google accounts of the users.

Additionally, the Personal Events feature can be disabled, to remove the suggestions.

Furthermore, more features, bug fixes, and improvements can be added along with the new update.

However, there is no word on whether or not the features will make their way to Google Maps as they are still in the testing phase, and if they do, when exactly that will happen.

So stay tuned with us for more information.

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