Hackers leak up to 4 TB of OnlyFans content for download

OnlyFans is denying that it has been hacked.

OnlyFans is a London-based adult entertainment site immensely popular among content creators and “influencers,” as they can earn by selling nude/sexual images and videos.

Anyone from models, sex workers, and public figures can upload content and earn. Subscribers have to buy packages ranging from $5 to $20 per month to view the adult content, which they cannot view on other social media platforms such as Facebook. 

Login page for OnlyFans

Perhaps this is why the site has gathered nearly 20 million registered subscribers since in launch in 2016. However, the cyber-world is fast becoming an unsafe space for data storage and sharing, and the hacking of OnlyFans reinstates this fact. 

Reportedly, 1.6TB to 4TB worth of exclusive data including PPV (pay-per-view) specials, pornographic and adult videos and photos have been leaked. The leaked data largely comprises of pornographic content shared by women or posted from female accounts.

What’s worse is that the hackers later posted the links to the hacked content on social media.

Motherboard reports that personal information of models or users featured in the leaked data hasn’t been exposed and the content primarily includes videos and images from private or public shows and customized clips.

The leaked data contains pornographic content from hundreds of members and supposedly all the usernames included in the database are registered with OnlyFans. Within the past 72 hours, countless websites and forums have appeared for hosting the leaked data and each link hosts up to 300GB of exclusive footages/images.  

However, Ryan Broderick from BuzzFeed claims that the leaked data may also include personal details of the users. BuzzFeed revealed that the leaked content belongs to TikTok stars and Instagram models as well, and the data is quite disorganized as it is divided between several folders.

Vonny LeClerc from BBC Scotland, who was one of the first journalists to discover the content dump, claims that the image dump has names attached while some of the videos are extremely intimate.

Screenshot of the alleged OnlyFans data that is being posted on different online forums with a MEGA download link.

However, Steve Pym, the head of marketing at OnlyFans has denied that the site suffered a cyberattack. According to Pym, they investigated and couldn’t find any evidence of systems’ breach. It seems, explained Pym, that the leaked content has been collected from multiple third-party sources and social media apps. 

Whether the data was hacked or shared, this is surely bad news for all those “influencers” associated with OnlyFans to make money from their created content as it is out there and can be viewed easily, free of charge.

Furthermore, the content creators are now highly vulnerable to extortion campaigns and harassment, which is primarily because OnlyFans failed to implement optimal data safety practices and mechanisms on the site. 

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