iOS 13.1 Will Throttle Performance Of iPhone XS And iPhone XR

Apple faced criticism from users after it secretly added a processor throttling feature to the iPhones in 2017 via an iOS update. Later, the company acknowledged the feature and said it intended to prevent abrupt shutdowns of iPhones due to aging batteries.

Now, the process throttling feature is ready to make a comeback for iPhone XS and iPhone XR — the two iPhones released last year. An Apple support page mentions the arrival of the feature with iOS 13.1.

The processor throttling feature on iPhones prevents random shutdowns by limiting the performance of the device but, as expected, the iPhone slows down. As the battery ages with time, the throttling becomes even more visible with slower performance. You can stop it by replacing your iPhone’s battery.

It’s worth noting that the performance throttling feature in iPhones is activated only when the smartphone detects battery issues.

When the feature came to light, Apple explained the reasons for adding it and also offered discounted battery replacements for certain iPhone models.

Apple has not mentioned whether the performance throttling feature will be added to iPhone 11 and other models released this year. According to a support page spotted by 9to5Mac, Apple mentions that newer iPhone models feature an advanced battery and power management feature. The page also says that the feature is “always-on” and “automatic,” which suggests that a feature similar to processor throttling is already present in iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Pro Max.

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