iPhone Loyalty Touches Its Lowest Since 2011: Report

While the statement “once an iPhone user, always an iPhone user” stands true in most cases, the notion could be changing as a new study gives us an inkling that customer loyalty towards Apple is declining.

iPhones getting ditched over Android 

According to the study, not many iPhone users are sticking to the brand and are instead upgrading to an Android device. Speaking of numbers, Apple has seen a 15% dip in loyal iPhone users as compared to March 2018’s data.

The study was conducted on around 38,000 users since October 2018 who were found to be upgrading to a newer smartphone.

The report further suggests that around 26% of iPhone X users switched to an Android device, while Samsung Galaxy S9 users accounted for only 7.7% who went for an iPhone.

In totality, 92.3% of Android users remained an Android user and only upgraded to a better Android device.

As of June 2019, 18% of iPhone users had moved on to buy a Samsung smartphone.

The report also throws light on the revelation that Apple has been experiencing this loss of loyal users since 2011, as iPhone loyalty now stands at 73% coming down from 93% back in 2017.

What do I think?

Adding more fuel to this, Apple even revised its sales expectations for Quarter 1, 2019, citing China and its battery replacement program as one of the reasons for a dip in sales.

The new report is a reminder for Apple that it needs to devise ways to retain its existing users and attract new ones.

While the upcoming 2019 iPhone lineup could help Apple with this, the ongoing design rumors give me contracting intuition as the design appears fugly.

Having said that, I can’t come up with a concrete forecast of Apple’s customer base and we need to wait until the devices are launched.

Hence, stay tuned for further information.

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