iPhone XI Could Play Music On Two Audio Devices Simultaneously

If reports from Macotakara are to be believed, the 2019 iPhone will feature dual Bluetooth audio support. The current generation of iPads and iPhones support streaming multiroom audio via AirPlay 2 speakers.

Now, Apple plans to further improve Bluetooth in next-generation iPhones to allow users to stream audio to two AirPods or other audio devices simultaneously. Currently, iPhones do not support this functionality where you can connect to two audio profiles at once. Multiple audio accessories can be paired, but the sound will be audible only in one device.

However, this development isn’t the first of its kind. Dual BlueTooth Audio support is already available on some Android devices like the Samsung S10 series.

Macotakara highlights that with the upcoming functionality it would be possible to connect your iPhone to your car’s audio system and AirPods at the same time. You can then direct the map’s navigation audio to car speakers and music to AirPods.

Dual BlueTooth Audio is a feature of Bluetooth 5.0 standards, therefore it is also possible that Apple could later add the functionality in the existing iPhones via a software update.

Besides adding dual Bluetooth audio support, Apple is also expected to introduce reverse charging feature in the iPhone XI. This would enable users to charge their AirPods by simply placing them atop the iPhone. This feature already exists in Huawei flagship devices and Samsung S10.

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