Pixel 4’s Real Time Transcription Loses To World’s Fastest Talking Woman

During its lackluster hardware event, Google launched the new Pixel 4 and 4XL and also showcased its new recorder app that can transcribe in real-time, even without an active internet connection. Google says its recorder app leverages strong AI algorithms to transcribe in real-time.

To test the accuracy of the new Pixel 4 recorder app, WSJ pitted it against the world’s fastest talking woman and a courtroom stenographer. Each of them was told to read three passages – To Be Or Not To Be from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, a Wall Street Journal article, and Google’s privacy policies.

Pixel 4 Real-Time Transcription vs World’s Fastest Talking Woman

Fren Capo, who holds the Guinness world record for being the world’s fastest talking woman, can speak 11 words in a second. When the recorder app on Pixel 4 was pitted against Capo, it failed miserably and didn’t even know whether she was even speaking actual words. Honestly, it’s not the fault of Pixel’s real-time transcription feature. Capo speaks so fast that it is almost impossible to decipher what she is saying.

Pixel 4 Real-Time Transcription vs Court Room Stenographer

Next, the recorder app competed against Anita Trombetta, who is a courtroom stenographer and can type 260 words per minute in her special stenography machine. You can see in the video that Google’s real-time transcription fairs well against Anita and is almost at par with her.

To further test the capabilities of the real-time transcription feature, WSJ tested it against four random people having different accents and barring a few misses the feature was pretty accurate in transcribing in real-time without internet.

WSJ’s Joanna Stern, who hosted the video and conducted the test, said that Pixel 4’s real-time transcription feature was “damn impressive” and that it was indeed.

It shows Google’s prowess in the field of AI and how its machine learning model has evolved to an extent that it no longer requires the internet to function. Thanks to the new Neural Core chip on the latest Pixel devices, it can process more and more tasks on the device and it also ensures that your data isn’t shared with anyone without your authorization.

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