South Yorkshire (UK) Police Websites Hacked

Hackers took over two South Yorkshire police websites and replaced home pages with one of their own — Reason behind the attack remains unknown!

A group of Albanian hackers have hacked and defaced two official websites of South Yorkshire Police earlier today. The Hackers left a deface page along with a text and video message bragging about their successful hack but the reason for targeting both sites was not mentioned anywhere.

“Hacked by Nofawkx-al | Kkuq e zi! behind every success there is a story | Illyrians arrived!  Red and black I dress, eagle on my chest, keep my head up for the flag I die, it’s good to be Albanian.”

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A full preview of the deface page is available below:

Deface page uploaded by Albanian hackers!

It is unclear why South Yorkshire Police is using two websites with same content and services however their official Facebook and Twitter accounts have acknowledged the hack and posted updates upon restoration of both sites.

Links to targeted websites along with their Zone-h mirrors are available here:


As mentioned before the reason for targeting police sites was not mentioned anywhere but it’s quite obvious that it was an act of random defacements as there are no reported issues between Albania and the United Kingdom. 

This is not the first time when a prominent police department in the United Kingdom had its website hacked. In the past, Hertfordshire Police had its servers breached and personal data leaked for operation OpFreeAssange.

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