Tails 4.5 Is Out: Run The Live Operating System With Secure Boot

Do you care about your anonymity and you use a Linux distro as your daily driver? Well then, you must be aware of the security-focused Debian Linux-based Tails operating system. If not, check out the latest version of Tails 4.5 which you can run directly from your USB stick without installation.

Tails 4.5: What’s New?

The new version 4.5 comes with several security bug fixes and vulnerabilities. Most importantly, the upstream Debian security flaws such as BlueZ and GnuTLS which allow attackers to access the target host system.

Other security updates include support for secure boot. You can now run Tails on your computer with secure boot enabled. This means your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) firmware only allows the booting of authorized software.

Lastly, software packages such as the Tor browser and Firefox have been updated to their newer versions. Read the official release notes here for complete details.

How To Upgrade To Tails 4.5?

The latest version fixes numerous security vulnerabilities. Hence, you must upgrade your system to v4.5. Though automatic upgrades are available from Tails 4.2 or later to 4.5, you can follow the manual upgrade as well.

For fresh installation on a new USB stick, you can follow the instructions for your respective operating system Windows, macOS and Linux.

The Way Ahead

Following the tradition of new releases every month, Tails 4.6 is scheduled to be released on May 5. For more details, you can check out the next release roadmap here.

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