The Top & Fastest Growing Open Source Projects On GitHub In 2019

Like every year, GitHub has released its annual Octoverse 2019 report where it highlights the major changes and trends in the developer community.

As far as programming languages are concerned, Python has outranked Java as the second most popular language on GitHub. Meanwhile, Dart was named the fastest-growing programming language on the platform.

Top 10 Open Source Projects By Contributors On GitHub

Open source projects are growing on GitHub, ranging from one-line programs to projects with nearly 20,000 contributors. Since last year, there has been a massive increase in open source repositories.

The open-source repositories created in 2019 account for nearly 30% of all open-source projects on GitHub. In the list of top 10 open-source projects by contributors, microsoft/vscode and ansible/ansible are two projects that are present since 2016.

The new names added in 2019 in the top ten list are flutter/flutter, firstcontributions/first-contributions, and home-assistant/home-assistant.

Number of contributors to open source projects

  1. microsoft/vscode 19.1k
  2. MicrosoftDocs/azure-docs14k
  3. flutter/flutter13k
  4. firstcontributions/first-contributions11.6k
  5. tensorflow/tensorflow9.9k
  6. facebook/react-native9.1k
  7. kubernetes/kubernetes6.9k
  8. DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped6.9k
  9. ansible/ansible6.8k
  10. home-assistant/home-assistant6.3k

10 Fastest Growing Open Source Projects By Contributors On GitHub

There is also significant contributor growth in kits and frameworks for building apps and websites across languages and platforms this year.

aspnet/AspNetCore topped the list of growing open source projects on GitHub this year whereas flutter/flutter, since its 1.0 release in December 2018, has climbed to the second position.

Change in contributions to open source projects

  1. aspnet/AspNetCore346%
  2. flutter/flutter279%
  3. MicrosoftDocs/vsts-docs264%
  4. istio/istio194%
  5. aws-amplify/amplify-js188%
  6. helm/charts184%
  7. ValveSoftware/Proton182%
  8. gatsbyjs/gatsby179%
  9. storybookjs/storybook178%
  10. cypress-io/cypress178%

Some Noteworthy Projects

These projects aren’t the fastest growing or highest-grossing, but the GitHub community thought they were star-worthy.

  1. TrillCyborg/fullstack: A full-stack template to learn some cool things or build your next app
  2. jesseduffield/lazydocker: A simple terminal UI for both docker and docker-compose, written in Go language
  3. practicalAI/practicalAI: Helps in using machine learning to analyze data
  4. pomber/git-history: A way to quickly browse the history of files in any Git repository
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