This Guy Has A Cheap iPhone Glass Fix — Using “Lasers”

One thing I am going to agree on (although I am an Apple fanatic) — iPhones are expensive, so are their repairs including the device’s back glass. However, a YouTuber seems to have an inexpensive method to fix the new iPhones’ back glass, that too, less than what Apple charges.

The iPhone Glass Fix

A YouTuber (JerryRigEverything) has posted a video showing how he can fix an iPhone’s glass back. This method involves the use of lasers and is referred to as a “repairable and practical” process.

A laser machine (by a company called Rewa) is used to separate the back glass of an iPhone and the adhesive between the smartphone’s metal frame and the glass. It is then used to detect which area of the back needs fixing.

The detection of the broken glass is done with the use of red lasers while the strong adhesive is separated from the device using white lasers.

Here’s the full video to see how the process works:

Once the adhesive is separated and the machine has detected the area to be fixed, you can remove the excess glass and re-apply the adhesive.

Following this, you just have to put the new glass back (which is easily available for around $20) and remove the extra adhesive that might leak out. Now you just have to wait for around 10 minutes and you have a brand new iPhone.

Points To Consider

You should know that while the machine is conveniently able to fix the glass back of an iPhone, the lesser the cracks are, the easier it is for the machine to work.

Additionally, the process would prove to be a savior if it is performed by someone who knows the drill. Hence, third-party repair services should consider this new technology so that at least the iPhone repairs become cheap.

Devices And Prices

The process can be used to fix the various iPhone models such as the iPhone 7 series, the iPhone 8 series, iPhone X, the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS series, and the latest iPhone 11 series.

The machine is priced at around $2,000, which might appear more expensive than the $600 Apple repair. However, it is a feasible idea for repair shops and if you want to own the machine, it will be a one-time investment and you will be sorted.

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