This iPhone Battery Charging Case Has A ‘Secret Button’ Trick

Since Apple released this year’s iPhone iteration — the iPhone 11 series — we saw the entry of several accessories for the three smartphones, both by Apple and other companies. One such accessory is by the Cupertino tech major itself, which comes with a secret button trick you need to know of.

iPhone Charging Case With A “Secret Button”

Apple has launched a new iPhone case for all the new 2019 iPhones — the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Retailing at $129, the iPhone cover is not a simple silicone case we come across. This is a Smart Battery Case that is touted to deliver a 50% increase in the battery of the new iPhone models.

Apart from the in-built battery, the Smart Battery Case has a “secret button” trick that puts an additional button on the iPhone charging case.

This button is a dedicated camera button that calls for the easy launch of the camera app.

The button can open up the camera up whether or not the smartphone is locked, takes a picture (from both the rear and front cameras) with a quick tap and videos with a long press.

Design-wise, the battery case has a microfiber lining on the inside and a soft touch of silicone for ease of usage. Additionally, the iPhone charging case comes with the elastomer hinge design so that it gets easy to remove or put the case on the smartphone.

The iPhone Charging Case Working

While I haven’t used the iPhone charging case personally, a recent video by the YouTube channel TechSmartt shows how the “secret button” on it works.

The button allows for easy picture-taking, which otherwise gets a bit flimsy when we use the volume button for it. Here’s the video for a better look at the iPhone charging case:

Additionally, iFixit dug deeper to find out how the dedicated camera button works on the case. The teardown of the Smart Battery Case suggested that it has a circuit board that connects the dedicated camera button to the iPhone via the lightning port.

This is how the button can easily click pictures from the iPhone when it doesn’t have one.

The iPhone charging case comes in three color variants: Black, White, and Pink Sand and is up for grabs via the Apple website.

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