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Admin-Scanner – Find Admin Panel Of Any Website By Using Custom Wordlist


Website Admin Panel Finder

How To Install (Linux/pc)

How to Install (Termux/Android)


author: alienwhatever
credit for list.txt
orginal-source-of-list.txt -
This tool is for educational and testing purposes only
I am not responsible for what you do with this tool
-site <url of website> - Website to scan
--proxy <prorocol>-<proxyserverip:port> - Scan admin panel using proxy server
--t <second(s)> - Time delay for a thread to scan (To prevent from getting HTTP 508)
--w <path/of/custom/wordlist> - custom wordlist
./ -site
./ -site --t 1
./ -site
./ -site --w /custom/wordlist/list.txt
./ --proxy http- -site

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