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OpenRedireX – Asynchronous Open redirect Fuzzer for Humans


A Fuzzer For OpenRedirect Issues.

Key Features :

  • Takes a url or list of urls and fuzzes them for Open redirect issues
  • You can specify your own payloads in ‘payloads.txt’
  • Shows Location header history (if any)
  • Fast (as it is Asynchronous)
  • umm thats it , nothing much !

Usage :
Note : Use Python 3.7+ !

$ git clone
$ cd OpenRedireX
$ python3 -m venv env
$ source env/bin/activate
Note : The "FUZZ" is important and the url must be in double qoutes ! 
$ python3.7 -u "" -p payloads.txt --keyword FUZZ

For single URL :

$ python3.7 -u "" -p payloads.txt --keyword FUZZ

For List of URLs :

$ python3.7 -l urls.txt -p payloads.txt --keyword FUZZ

Example :

Credits :
Thanks mate @NullPxl


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