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WordListGen – Python Word List Generator For Fuzzing And Brute Forcing


Super Simple Python Word List Generator for Password Cracking (Hashcat)!

I know what your are thinking. Why create another word list generator? Well, I needed something very simple I could modify on the fly to get the exact character generators for the task at hand. This script is fully functional in its own right, but intended to be modified during CTF’s or pen testing engagements easily on the fly.

Python help documentation:

> -h
WordListGen: 0.2 Updated: June 2, 2019
usage: [-h] [-all] [-lower] [-upper] [-leet] [-swap] [-ntlm]
                      [-baseword] [-capitalize] [-orig] [-min MIN] [-max MAX]
                      [-inputfolder file] [-input file] [-output file]
WordListGen - Very Simple Word List Morpher - Creates a list of unique
words for fuzzing / brute forcing

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-all Runs all word list morphers
-lower Lowercase each word on the input list
-upper Uppercase each word on the input list
-leet Leetspeak each word on the input list
-swap Swap the case of the word list
-ntlm Parse an NTLM Hash dump list for plaintext words to use
in a wordlist
-baseword Base words only (Post-process) Strips any numbers or
symbols from the generated word list
-capitalize Capitalize the first letter of the word list
-orig Include the original word from the word list
-min MIN Minimum word size (default: 4)
-max MAX Maximum word size (default: 32)
-inputfolder file Specify a folder of wordlists to crawl, process and
-input file Input wordlist (default: wordlist.txt)
-output file Output wordlist (default: wordlistout.txt)

Example use and output

> -all
WordListGen: 0.2 Updated: June 2, 2019
 Wordlist input: wordlist.txt
 Wordlist output: wordlistout.txt

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