Beware of Android Coronavirus Tracker app that Lock’s Your Device & Asks Ransom Payment

Cybercriminals using the Coronavirus outbreak to trick users into installing malicious corona virus-related apps.

In the current panic, situation users are most vulnerable to apps like Coronavirus Trackers, symptoms identification, maps, etc.

Malicious Coronavirus Tracker

Security researchers from Domaintools observed a malicious Coronavirus tracker app that locks the user’s Android device and asks for a ransom payment.

The good news is that the malware not through the official Google play store, distributed through the website coronavirusapp[.]site.

The app claims to have a real-time Coronavirus outbreak tracker available via an app download. Once the app installed in the front end it shows tracking and statistical information about COVID-19 including the heatmap.


But in the background, it is poisoned with ransomware, which is previously unseen, the app titled “CovidLock”.

It locks the phone by forcing a password change and the threat actors request $250 in bitcoin in 48 hours to unlock the phone.

CovidLock is a new ransomware that launches a lock-screen attack while installing the app it asks for device administrator permissions if done it locks the screen and encrypts the storage.

Request Permission

Also, the ransom note threatens that all your contacts, pictures and videos are getting deleted if the ransom note was not paid.

Ransom note

The ransom note includes a Bitcoin wallet ID, where users are forced to pay the ransom, the bitcoin address shows no victims currently paid the ransom.

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