Canadian Internet Registration Authority Hit with Ransomware Attack on Car Parking System

Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) car parking system hacked and infected with ransomware that allows everyone to have a free park.

CIRA is an Internet domain registration authority that manages more than 2.8 million .ca domain, the Internetcountrycodetop-level domain (ccTLD) for Canada.

Unknown Cybercriminals compromise the car parking system in CIRA office that managed by other company, and it allows everyone to park their vehicle without scan their parking pass.

“A closer look revealed the true source of the problem, not a power failure, mechanical issue or system crash—the automated parking system had been hit with ransomware.”

In this case, attackers compromise the database that used to manage this card parking system where dozens of employee credit cards are possibly saved.

Further analysis reveal that the ransomware is Darma which is usally infect the computers via RDP connections by search the system that running with RDP online.

Attackers targeting RDP Protocol that running on the port 3389 and perform brute force attack to gain the administrative credentials and later the obtain to perform various malicious activities within the system.

According to CIRA, Stored card details will undoubtedly reclaim all the time we will save over the coming days in not having to scan our parking passes.

CIRA said, “We have no way of knowing what cybersecurity measures parking company has in place, but as we saw in our CIRA Cybersecurity Survey, 37 percent of businesses don’t have anti-malware protection installed and 71 percent did not have a formal patching policy.”

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